International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Asia Region and

Facilitators Association of Japan (FAJ) warmly invite facilitators and those who are interested in facilitation from across the globe to the 16th Annual IAF Asia Conference Tokyo 2013 with the following schedule.

Conference:        September 21-22, 2013

Pre-conference:   September 19-20, 2013

Venue:       KFC (Kokusai Fashion Center)  in Tokyo Japan


The conference theme is Weaving stories toward global facilitation frontier. In recent years, wave of globalization is rapidly spreading into every corner of societies and business circles creating greater challenges and opportunities. The trend will inevitably shift the focus of facilitators’ activities to global collaboration.  We facilitators will be expected to facilitate cross-border collaboration to explore new ideas/solutions by leveraging diverse views and wisdom in the world beyond traditional local paradigm. In this conference, we expect to see colorful threads of diverse cultures and methods will be woven together into stories of novel values. We hope they will be inherited to the next series of conferences to make ready for the future challenges in front.

Hello facilitation lovers in the world,


What do you imagine from the theme and logo of this conference?  Every individual, organization and society has its own unique stories behind.  All have different colors and melodies. They sometimes conflict, cross or resonate. We dream that facilitation can help orchestrating that variety of tone colors into unexpected new melodies of stories.


The stage is Tokyo where you can have luxury experiences of modern and/or old Japanese cultures. You may want to enjoy super-panoramic view from the world tallest Tokyo Skytree tower, watch Kabuki as classic Japanese dance-drama, walk in the old townscape of Asakusa, or trip a little further to visit samurai temples in Kamakura for serenity, etc. Oh, Too many to see and experience!


This global confluence of facilitators in Tokyo will bring you full of unforgettable memories through a lot of quality workshops and interactive gatherings. We look forward to seeing you in September.


Masakatsu Ninomiya (NINO) 
Conference Organizing Team Leader

As the IAF Asia Region Director, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 16th IAF Asia Conference in Tokyo, Japan.


The IAF is a premier professional institution in the world which creates the foundational competencies for professional facilitation. At IAF conferences we model excellent facilitation practices and you will find the conference stimulating, enjoyable and important to your professional development. IAF conferences offer an unrivaled opportunity for learning among all those who have an interest in facilitation, and create an opportunity for networking, collaboration, sharing of professional facilitation trend and technical information, and building the partnership internationally.


The IAF Asia Conference always fulfills with lots of culture diversity and flavors thought activities and sessions at the conference. I am looking forward to meeting you all in Tokyo in September with promises to be a most stimulating and enjoyable facilitators’ conference!


Jackie Chang

International Association of Facilitators

IAF Certified Professional Facilitator

IAF Regional Director - Asia

Let's Start Weaving Stories toward Global Facilitation Frontier


Facilitators' Association of Japan (FAJ) is a non-profit organization for promoting diffusion of facilitation in Japan. Approximately 1,600 members are enthusiastically engaged in various activities including hosting workshops for members, delivering facilitation training for novices, and reaching out to regional communities with facilitation expertise. One of the activities is to assist the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake.


This year, FAJ is celebrating its 10th anniversary. It is our great honor and pleasure to co-host this 16th IAF Asia Conference 2013 Tokyo in such a significant and memorable year. We are very excited to have this extraordinary opportunity to work with expert facilitators from various part of the world to explore new facilitation frontier.


We sincerely hope this conference will serve as a venue for creating extended networking, collaborative scheme, innovative ideas and significant projects on global bases. Please join us weaving stories to open up the global facilitation frontier.


We are very much looking forward to seeing you all in Tokyo this September.


Atsushi Tagashira

Chairperson, Facilitators Association Japan (FAJ)

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